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Ruth Withall Biography

Ruth Withall

Ruth Vera Withall comes from the ancient royal borough of East Retford on the edge of Sherwood forest. At Goldsmiths’ College of Art, London University, she acquired her artistic training...

Her painting is a lively result - Reviews

Her painting is a lively result

Ruth Withall, a cultured artist, aware of the meaning of the sign and an expert in the aesthetic-cultural diversity of movements, knows how to take advantage of past century without becoming its victim...

Oltre ciò che vede - Reviews

...beyond what she sees

She is a creator who goes beyond what she sees. Although her paintings keep within formal limits, the use of colour – often impulsive, then meticulous, and occasionally explosive, is always handled with decisive touches...

Portfolio - Ruth Withall's work


In this area of the website Ruth Withall's work can be viewed. Water colours, acrylic on panels, oil on canvas and mixed media.